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Heung Kong’s 2016 Health Athletic Meeting Crowned with Success

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The 2016 Health Athletic Meeting held by Heung Kong Group “Glamous Heung Kong, Future Dream” kicked off on Dec. 3 at Heung Kong Yucai Middle School, Panyu, Guangzhou, participants including the Chairman Liu Zhiqiang, President Zhai Meiqing other leaders from Heung Kong, as well as over 700 athletes, wkers Heung Kong family members.

The Meeting began at 9:00 AM. Accompanied by the mighty majestic march, the representative teams of athletes entered the site in der, followed by the passionate singing of the Song of Heung Kong continuous rise of enthusiasm heated emotion on the site.

Zhai delivered a speech at the opening ceremony. She said that 2016 is the opening year of the company’s sixth 5-year plan. Thanks to the concerted efft from all Heung Kong staff, the company has made remarkable achievement in all sects. In a context where the country encourages all-people engagement in exercise, Heung Kong also takes the tide to carry out its strategic layout is in full swing f moving into the health sect. The purpose of this athlete meeting is to spread the positive spirit of Heung Kong staff in learning, innovating pioneering their concern about health active energy, so that they may develop stronger physique, care about their family in daily life, devote me passion into wk make greater contribution to the sustainable development of the company.

A heated cheerleading spt marked the beginning of competition. The brisk, dynamic rhythm enlivened the whole site athletes felt the blood rushing to their bodies. After the youth-overflowing cheerleading spt was over, all leaders headed to the playground to participate in the fun off-site spts during the inspection of all events first ignite the passion on the site. Laughter cheering lingered on on.

The 3-player basketball, team badminton match, 4125 relay, rope skipping multidirectional tug-of-war began at 9:45 All teams sent their elite players, who had to show their best skill to get adapted to the tense competition system. Audience kept feasting their eyes on the wonderful battles among extradinary players

After the wonderful competitions among six teams were over, the team from the Heung Kong-controlled Guangzhou-Shenzhen project recded the highest total sce took the crown, others also achieved outsting results in different events.

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