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Building Material Home Furnishing Trade Fair Opened in Gaoling

DATE:2016.05.31 SOURCE:

He Baoxiang, vice-govern of Hunan Province, with total 500 participants, including leaders of the province, cities districts, associations chambers of commerce in the industry, representatives of allied commercial tenants, exhibits from all over China media guests, attended the ceremony.

“Gaoling International Shopping Mall is imptant f Heungkong to arrange the nationwide commerce trade domain in Central China it is a new commerce trade platfm across the industry chain integrated commerce trade, logistics, warehousing, makers headquarters economy. The Building Material Home Furnishing Mall opened today occupies the ce market of the Shopping Mall is a crucial market f both Heungkong Gaoling International Shopping Mall that is first built comes into service---a pioneer of Heungkong commerce trade strategy.” said Zhai Dongliang, CEO of Heungkong, on the ceremony.

 As a global commerce trade distribution platfm built by the government, enterprises chamber of commerce facing central western economic zone, Gaoling International Shopping Mall covers 43 industrial clusters, including small wares, hotel supplies, tobacco liqu non-staple food, light textile daily necessities, hardware electromechanical products, building materials home furnishing, home decation, auto spare parts decation materials. Modern large-scale market planning will be applied there, with unified operation, popularization, investment attraction management by manufacturers around China. It will lead the development of professional market in Changsha. 

The Trade Fair, the largest building material home furnishing exhibition in central China currently, was held from May 21 to 23, covering 6 exhibition areas of br alliance, wholesale alliance, banks, household appliances, dining service. Me than 2800 enterprises specializing in 14 categies, including ceramics, bathroom accessy, furnishing, do & window, stone material, flo, cabinet, kitchen electric equipment, suspended ceiling, soft decation, decative lighting, painting, sheet material hardware, participated in the Trade Fair covering 150 thous ㎡ 500 thous sets of new products were exhibited sold with unlimited price.

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