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Qianhai Heung Financial Center Is Open, Price Reaches Recd High

DATE:2015.12.09 SOURCE:

On the afternoon of December 4, Qianhai Heung Financial Center was opened strikingly solemnly at the highest unit price — 87,000Yuan/㎡ the office buildings were sold out in half the day. In Shenzhen Qianhai Free Trade Area,this made a new high in the price of office buildings, created aher selling legend in Shenzhen Super-Grade A office building market.

At this opening ceremony, a number of clients in attendance were optimistic about Heung financial platfm its platfm effect. However, to guarantee the quality of Heung Financial Center the smooth development of future financial ecology, to meet Qianhai requirement f developing new types of industry, we merely ed enterprise-level clients who would be registered in Qianhai, including financial clients, supply chain clients, clients from high-tech industry. Therefe, some investment clients failed to obtain the opptunity, yet they have recognized the product value the operation mode of Heung to a higher extent.

Located in the bridgehead of Qianhai, Heung Financial Center has attracted the attention of a great many clients invests since the very beginning of its planning. The striking opening of Heung only quenches the thirst of Qianhai commerce, but also makes a name f Heung in Shenzhen commercial real estate market by gaining a high recognition of Qianhai prospect, Heung enterprise br, product value.


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